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What To Expect

So you have an injury claim and you want to pursue legal action with the help of Attorney Jim Bizzieri. What happens next?

When you have a accident, injury, or liability issue, call the expert team at Bizzieri Law Offices right away. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will meet with you for a free initial consultation – in our office, at your home, or over the phone – to discuss the details of your claim. We’ll gather all the relevant information and make a determination of fault and liability, advising you on the merits of your case.
Once we’ve recorded the details of your case, we’ll look at the damages you’ve incurred as a result of your injury (medical expenses, lost wages from missing work or future losses, property damage, etc.) and other factors that comprise your total claim. We’ll reach out to the defendant (the person at fault), the insurance companies, and the liable party’s legal representation.

It’s important to remember that when in the midst of a personal injury case, your health and recovery should be your top priority. When you’ve been injured, you need to seek medical attention FIRST and keep records of all medical treatment required to get you back on the road to wellness, or as well as possible before beginning to file a suit.

Once you’ve recovered from your injury and your healing process is complete, or has progressed as far as possible, we can begin to build a thorough case to recover damages.

Based on the information at hand regarding the details of the accident, medical records, and employment records, we’ll formulate a Demand Package, which outlines the compensation to which we believe you are fully entitled.


Why should I have an injury lawyer?

  • Sign paperwork
  • Cease contact with anyone regarding your potential lawsuit
  • Follow physician’s order/advice

Contact to/from Bizzieri Law Offices (Email, Text, Call)

  • Updates as to treatment
  • Contact info updates

Medical treatment has been completed

  • Contact Bizzieri Law immediately
  • We will gather medical documentation

Demand package for settlement

  • Bizzieri Law Offices will contact regarding settlement
  • Usually takes 30-90 days to get a response from insurance company/defendant
  • If no settlement, then Bizzieri Law Offices files suit

Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence? Have you sought medical treatment? Call Bizzieri Law Offices (773) 881-9000 to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your claim.