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Jessica Konieczka
Jessica joined Bizzieri Law Offices in August of 2012 as part-time paralegal while attending Northwestern College as a full-time paralegal student. After completing 160 hours of work at Bizzieri Law (required externship), she was offered a position at the firm. In June 2013, Jessica graduated with a perfect GPA and at the top of her class. At that time, she was offered a full-time position at Bizzieri Law. Currently, Jessica works side-by-side with Jim Bizzieri, the owner of the firm, in every aspect of all cases, including but not limited to, trial preparation and trial.

Prior to working for Bizzieri Law, Jessica worked in various industries, such as: retail, banking and professional services. In 1994, she began working at LaSalle Bank as a temp employee in Research and Adjustments. While working at LaSalle Bank, she worked her way up the “corporate ladder” and was promoted every three to six months and eventually, Jessica became the Assistant Vice President of Operations for Records and Data Management. After 14 years of dedicated employment, Jessica was laid-off after the acquisition of LaSalle Bank by Bank of America.

Immediately following the lay-off from LaSalle Bank, Jessica took a job as an executive assistant for NJW Associates, a professional services firm. There, she acted primarily as an assistant to the owner and CEO, but was also heavily involved in the hiring process of NJW Associates’ prospective employees. While working at NJW, Jessica took on a second job working for ClearCoasts, a firm specializing in government contract and sales strategies.

While working these two jobs, Jessica’s husband had a traumatic injury at work, which required to her to take an extended leave of absence from her employment. It was during that time that Jessica made the decision to return to school and obtain an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies.

Jessica was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She is married and raising her two teenaged children. Jessica is the co-founder of OLSA Lightning, a swim club for children in Oak Lawn, Illinois.