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Paternity in the State of Illinois is dependent upon a number of different factors. The question of paternity is often pivotal to the best interests of the child. Paternity can be key in determining “parenting time”  (i.e. visitation), child support and issues of custody. Establishing paternity and enforcing the responsibility thereof can be a very difficult issue.

Illinois Statute 750 ILCS 45/5 prescribes that a man is presumed the natural father of a child if the following conditions are true:

  • The man and the child’s birth mother are or were married and the child was conceived or born during that time;
  • If the man and the birth mother were married after the birth and the man’s name is consensually listed on the birth certificate;
  • The man and the natural mother both signed a paternity acknowledgement;
  • The man and the natural mother signed an acknowledgement of parentage, or, if the man is not the biological father, an acknowledgement of parentage and a denial of paternity.

When questions about paternity arise, it’s vitally important that parties consult an experienced family law attorney to not only receive the best representation possible, but also to secure the outcome that is in the best interest of the child.

The family law attorneys of Bizzieri Law offer skilled and compassionate representation based on a wealth of experience in Illinois family law and a keen understanding of the many complex issues related with child custody, child support and establishing paternity.

If you have legal matters that hinge on the establishment of paternity of a child, you need a lawyer who will work hard to ensure a thorough and aggressive pursuit of paternity and enforcement of all responsibilities thereof.

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