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The legal termination (or dissolution) of a marriage can be one of the single most difficult periods in a person’s life. The decisions that must be made are many and pivotal to your future and the future of any children of the marriage. The process of divorce is often just as complex as are the wildly disparate emotions at work in the parties involved. From decisions of where to live to division of assets to child custody and child support, the choices parties in divorce must grapple with can be excruciating and with frayed emotions and conflict and trauma abounding, you need an attorney that is not only experienced, but compassionate and dedicated to providing the best representation possible for their clients in such a difficult legal and marital conflict.

The family law practice at Bizzieri Law provides clients consistent and comprehensive legal counsel to clients in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs with experienced attorneys that work tirelessly to negotiate on your behalf to achieve the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

If you are considering divorce or have been served with a divorce complaint or summons, contact the family law attorneys of Bizzieri Law at 773.881.9000 for a free consultation and get the compassionate and comprehensive legal representation you need to reach the outcome you deserve from your divorce.