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Client Rights

When you hire Bizzieri Law Offices to defend your rights in the wake of a personal injury, your personal rights will always been protected and defended
What are your rights as our client?

  • You control your case
  • Your lawyer is your mouthpiece in dealing with defendants, insurance companies, and other third parties, he has the means but you always control the end – your goal.
  • You have the right to be notified
  • It is your right and prerogative to be informed of all stages and details of your case. You may call our office anytime to be brought up to speed on any developments. We maintain an open line of communication at all times.
  • You own your file contents
  • After your case is closed, regardless of outcome, you maintain the right to your file’s contents.


Have questions about your rights as pertains to your legal representation? Call Bizzieri Law Offices at any time to discuss your concerns or questions.