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Child Custody

The issue of child custody in Illinois family law has recently undergone some very important changes that underscore the Courts’ desire to achieve what is “in the best interest of the child” in these cases. The term “child custody” has been replaced with “allocation of parental responsibility” in Illinois family law. And that points to a distinct effort by the Courts to incorporate both parents in decision-making for the child and the child’s life.

The term “visitation” has also been stricken from the law when referring to parental interaction with a child. It has been replaced with the phrase “parenting time” which denotes a distinct desire to focus more on facilitating quality interaction with the child and less on sterile legal designations that strip away the level of importance a parent has in a child’s life.

While in the past, the primary residential parent may have automatically been allocated the lion share of decision-making in a child’s life, that is no longer necessarily the case based on new changes to Illinois Family Law. Each case is looked upon individually based on the merits of that case, the parents, the child and circumstances that prevail in their lives. What the Courts seek to do is create the allocation of parental responsibilities that incorporate both parents acknowledging that when both parents are involved intimately in the child’s life, the child thrives.

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