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Premises Liability Lawyer Chicago, IL

At Bizzieri Law Offices, we provide legal representation to injury victims in Chicago and the surrounding cities of Illinois who have been harmed by premises liability negligence. If you have been harmed due to negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation from the responsible party. A premises liability attorney can assist you with your claim and can help you determine who was at fault. The responsible party could be the building owner, tenants, or contractors, and it is important to identify who is at fault prior to filing a claim.

Jim Bizzieri has the skill, expertise, and results oriented approach to help you get the best outcome. He has handled many such cases in Chicago and he can assist you with every stage of your case. From the initial lawsuit until the final resolution and compensation award, you will have the guidance and support you need for success.

Premises Liability Assistance

Oftentimes, premises liability cases are complex and layered. It can be hard to prove who was a fault and there are many gray legal areas that need to be clarified. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with clarity as you seek compensation for medical payments, damages, and injuries.

If you have been implicated in a claim, we will provide the aggressive legal representation you need for a positive resolution.

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