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Bicycle Accidents Lawyer Chicago, Illinois

Bicycles are gaining increased popularity in the United States because they provide a wealth of benefits for cyclists and the environment. Riding a bike instead of driving an automobile saves on gas expenses, boosts health, and even decreases emissions that would harm our environment.

Bicycle Risks

Despite the wealth of benefits we gain from riding a bike, there are inherent risks, too. Imprudent drivers pose a threat to cyclists that can cause personal injury. Last year alone there were approximately 750 casualties and about 50,000 injuries that resulted from bike related accidents. Sometimes a leisurely bike ride can become a horrific ordeal when you least expect it. Negligent drivers can cause significant harm cyclists because they were texting on their phone, changing the radio station, or speeding recklessly. These careless mistakes can even result in fatality. A cyclist who has been the victim of a careless driver has rights, rights that Bizzieri Law Offices will fight to defend.

Your Next Move

If you were in a bike-related accident and sustained personal injury in the Chicagoland area but aren’t sure what to do next, consider seeking the help of a qualified and professional law expert from the Bizzieri Law Offices. We serve the greater Chicago area in a wide variety of personal injury claims and we work hard to recover the highest damage awards to which our clients are eligible.

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