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What to Do if Injured in a Dog Bite Attack

Dog bites and animal attacks can be both painful and traumatic. Dogs can be very dangerous and whether frightened or simply vicious, can pose a serious threat to health and safety. When injured in a dog attack, it can be very easy to neglect important steps to take to preserve your ability to recover damages […]

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What Do Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Support?

In the state of Illinois, either spouse in a divorce proceeding may petition the court to order alimony or spousal support. Many factors contribute to a court’s final ruling on such support, and both parties should understand that each scenario is different and that many elements factor into whether or not spousal support is ordered […]

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Defective Product Categories

If you have ever been hurt or injured as a result of using a product, you may have had a defective products personal injury claim. Products liability laws (Four Mistakes that Hurt Defective Product Claims) protect consumers from dangerous products on the market when those products are presented with “defects” in three distinct ways: defective […]

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Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement (or prenup, as it is known) is a legal contract between two people drafted before they are married. The agreement often documents all of the property each individual in the marriage owns (an also often debts of the two parties). More importantly, it lays out each person’s property rights after the marriage […]

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Family Law: Annulments

Annulment, like divorce, is a legal proceeding that formally dissolves a marriage. Unlike divorce, annulment proceedings deal with the marital union as if it never actually happened. There are a few key reasons a couple might want to consider an annulment instead of a divorce. Annulments avoid the stigma that divorce carries for some people, […]

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Divorce: Hidden Assets

When a couple begins to consider divorce many issues arise that may not have been a consideration before. Division of assets jumps to the top of the list right away once each party firmly resolves to split. One of the problems that then arise is the possibility that a spouse is hiding assets in advance […]

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Divorce and Parenting Agreements

If you and your spouse have children and are planning a divorce, it is within the best interests of those children that you both work together to get on the same page to plan just how you will co-parent after divorce. A seamless transition to post-divorce co-parenting is in the best interests of the children […]

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Marital Separation Versus Divorce

When couples grapple with the decision to divorce, oftentimes, they opt for a separation period to consider whether divorce is the right choice to make for their family. Many don’t understand that there are actually four legal kinds of separation, and it’s important to make the distinction which you are embarking upon because each has […]

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Personal Injury and Parental Responsibility

While parental responsibility laws vary from state to state, they have been around for more than 100 years, when Hawaii became the first state to enact laws that assigned responsibility for injuries caused by a child to their parent. Essentially, parental responsibility laws stem from the fact that state law makers are nearly universal in […]

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Illinois Child Custody Laws

When parents of a child live in different states or one of the parents moves in or out of state, it’s important to know which state has jurisdiction to decide a child’s custody. In an effort to avoid conflicting custody opinions from courts in the two states, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement ACT […]